The Species Barrier 25 Exponential

January 29th, 2014

Coming up in episode #25 of The Species Barrier... November is World Vegan Month and weâre joined by Gary Francione who discusses his Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights and new book Eat As If You Care.

And as the intergovernmental panel on climate change deliver their most damning report yet, GrowthBusters director Dave Gardner returns to pay tribute to the work of the recently deceased Al Bartlett and tells us about his new Conversation Earth TV project.

Finally as the dark nights draw in, Kate Fowler talks about the wildlife culls that go on all year round for those who are deemed to be "pest" species. She offers some alternatives.

The Species Barrier 26 Get Wild

January 27th, 2014

Episode 26 of The Species Barrier radio show... more from Gary Francione. Why was the Abolitionist Vegan Society formed and is dog rescue a single issue campaign? He also offers his opinions on everything from badger culls, animal rights, vivisection and Peter Singer, to cat-binner Mary Bale, fur, veal and violence!

In the news Al Gore faces up to "the inconvenient truth" and finally follows a plant-based diet and George Monbiot also accepts veganism as the environmentalist diet.


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