The Species Barrier #33 Dogging

May 25th, 2015

Episode 33 of The Species Barrier… plant based dogs. Domesticated dogs are ever more present in a growing human society and the environmental book Time to Eat The Dog? highlights their meat eating as an ecological ill. How well can they adapt to plant based diets? We speak to Piers Morgan's electoral candidate of choice, vet Andrew Knight. Fellow vegan Carla Gardner is in the studio to discuss her experiences with dogs and various topics pertaining to other animals.

In the news, The Guardian puts it's emphasis on climate change reporting, date proposed for the start of the Anthropocene epoch, photography book on overpopulation and consumption takes the media by storm, water is the next great crisis and EU removes limits on cows milk production.

Welcome To The Species Barrier... where two vegan, environmentalists question how we interact with the planet and the other animals who call it home. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged and explore that barrier in place which separates the human animal from other species.

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