The Species Barrier Mini Episode: Blue Cross Neutering

August 13th, 2015

Ruth interviews Dr Caroline Raey who is the Chief Vet at the Blue Cross' Merton Hospital.

Want to breed your Bitch? Read this!

So, you have a female (fill in any breed). She is the most stunning dog you've ever set eyes upon, and you have heard that cock and bull story about it being better to let them have a litter before you get her spayed. I'm afraid, it's total rubbish. There are lots of things that could go wrong, are you willing to risk it?

Look at these scenarios. These have ALL happened to someone at some point.

1. She isn't ready to be covered, and whilst she is tied with the stud dog, she panics and bolts, ripping the stud dogs penis loose, causing her to haemorrhage from within.

2. The stud dog has not had the appropriate health tests, and carries a disease which he passes on to your bitch and the puppies.

3. She hasn't been properly tested, and all the puppies are born with birth defects. They all have to be put to sleep.

4. Her hips have not properly developed, and the puppies get stuck in the birth canal during labour. You don't realise what has happened, and the puppies die inside her, and the decaying bodies poison your healthy bitch.

5. During labour, a puppy gets stuck, and the bitch tries to help by pulling it out by it's leg. She tears the flesh from the puppies leg, and it has to be put to sleep.

6. A puppy gets stuck in the birth canal, and the mother pushes so hard to get the puppy out, that her uterus ruptures, and she bleeds to death on the way to the vet.

7. When the puppy is born, mother doesn't know what to do. She leaves it on the floor to drown in the sack.

8. She is scared by what has happened, as she is too young to understand. She eats all of the puppies, or smothers them.

9. She is too enthusiastic with removing the umbilical cord, and she rips the cord out causing a gushing wound, or she disembowels the puppies as she's too rough. They have to all be put to sleep.

10. The puppies inhale fluid during the birth, and develop pneumonia. They die 36 hours later.

Still want to breed your bitch?

It's not about the money, her life is too precious to risk! Please get her spayed.

The welfare situation is getting worse, please don't add to it!

For more information on the brilliant work the Blue Cross do go to:

For more information about neutering go to:

For more information on Prevent Unwanted Pets go to:

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